Chimp version 4.0

Introducing Chimp App, iOS client supporting rich media posts, messages and patter.

  • Read you post streams
  • Create rich posts and messages by including images, audio, video and location
  • Start new group PMs
  • Search posts, (broadcast) channels, users and hashtags
  • Receive push notifications for mentions and PMs
  • Multi user support
  • Use Open-In iOS feature to open audio, video and images to create a post
  • Patter, Ohai, Party Line and Broadcast channel support
  • For complete feature list see below under About and Release Notes

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires iOS 8 or later. WiFi, Edge or 3G network connection.


Chimp is a client built on the social network framework (ADN). It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Supports (multiple) image, audio & video in posts uploaded to your ADN File Storage. The accompanying website is used to give you an overview of media created with Chimp. It also is the host for a web audio & video player for video you attach to posts. The player can be used by clients that have no built-in player support. No image, audio or video files are stored on, it's all on your own personal ADN file space. Private messages and Patter also have image and audio support.

Features of Chimp
  • Create posts with (multiple) images, location, audio & video
  • Private Messaging with image, location, video & audio support
  • Comprehensive URL scheme support using x-callback-url
  • NiceRank filter for Global timeline
  • Hashtag, thread and client muting options
  • Twitter cross posting
  • Stream marker support
  • Quick sharing of Now Playing and last photo
  • Draw something to add to a post
  • Push notifications for mentions and private messages
  • Add location or a check-in to messages (including Patter, Ohai, Broadcast, Party Line)
  • Photo editor with filters and stickers
  • Use Open-In iOS feature to open audio, video and images in Chimp to create a post with it
  • Patter, Ohai, Party Line and Broadcast channel support
  • Search posts, messages, users and (broadcast) channels
  • Create check-in posts using Places API or custom user specified check-in
  • Create new group PM channel
  • Inline media
  • View Images, videos and audio clips on (using ADN file storage, channels and messages)
  • Audio posts can be tagged to go into a podcast feed available at
  • @ mention completion
  • Multi user support
  • Markdown support for links (tap the character counter to insert a template)
  • Your personal interactions view
  • Check-in & Conversation explore views
  • Save images to library (long press)
chimp screenshot
chimp screenshot
chimp screenshot
chimp screenshot
chimp screenshot
Version 4.0
  • New cleaner UI for posts (tap post to show actions)
  • Touch&hold post for quick reply
  • Automatic creation of a longpost when you create posts over 256 characters
  • Inline view of longposts
  • Updated photo editor, adding 2 new tools: Overlays and Vignette
  • Drafts for posts (touch&hold compose post icon)
  • Temporary draft for posts and messages
  • More improvements to the white theme (this is now also the default theme)
  • Improved pull-to-refresh updating
  • Bugfixes that make Chimp work even better
  • Further performance improvements
  • Same avatar size for all views
  • Faster loading profile views
  • Show latest post by user in profile view
  • Improved check-in support
  • Muted hashtags, clients and threads stored in ADN API so they can sync across devices and apps
  • Hide muted posts
  • Add a custom avatar to your own Patter and Broadcast channels
  • Swipe up/down to dismiss full screen photo view
  • Post and message counter indicating number of new posts/messages
  • Quick navigation buttons to switch between mentions, timeline and channels
  • Swipe the monkey!
  • Bugfixes among which:
  • App would hang if you tried to follow more users than the limit
  • Several bug fixes that make Chimp work even better
  • When adding nowplaying while composing a post the message indicator was never removed
  • Issue fixed when composing a message trying to switch to emoji keyboard
  • Sometimes user profile view got loaded twice
  • When muting a hashtag the message indicator at the top would was never removed
Version 3.2
  • Update White theme
  • Update UI a bit with some new icons and better alignment
  • The area below an avatar is now tapable and will also do a reply post just like when tapping the post text
  • Fixed Twitter cross posting when replying to an post
  • Better checks for connectivity on app startup
Version 3.1
  • Support for 64-bit devices
  • New UI for user profiles
  • New Share option. The current Share option has been renamed to Share Post... and the new one is called Share Link to Post
  • Updated photo gallery viewer in user profile
  • Fixed notification text color, in some themes it was difficult to read
Version 3.0
  • iOS 8 share sheet for posts, web links, and in-app web browser
  • Share sheet for posts custom actions: copy post ID, copy link, mail link, and report spam
  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Interactive notifications for mentions and private messages
  • New theme and updates to existing themes...
Version 2.2
  • UI updates in post and message composers
  • More stream marker improvements
  • Gap filling improved using scroll direction to fill the gap*
  • Font selector and dynamic type should not interfere anymore
  • Bigger inline image when there is just one attached to a post
  • Fix for images posted by imfluss
  • New setting for 'auto select mentions on reply all'
  • Updated UI for settings: font, image quality, twitter and themes
  • Fixed an issue where muted clients list was not read on startup
  • Channel cache per user
  • Added drawsomething to messages
  • Updated color picker for drawsomething
  • *scroll up fills gap above the gaprow, scroll down fills gaps below the gaprow
Version 2.1
  • Themes, choose from Light, Dark, Bordeaux, Book or White
  • Optional dark keyboard
  • Swipe to move cursor when composing a post or message
  • Improved stream marker
  • Confirmation dialogs for several settings
  • Character counter indicates if full text can be tweeted
  • Fix for using camera in-app first time
  • Improved several button tap targets
  • iTunes links now open in AppStore or iTunes App
  • Improved login and search views
Version 2.0
  • Hashtag, thread and client muting options
  • Comprehensive URL scheme support using x-callback-url
  • Stream marker support
  • NiceRank filter for Global timeline
  • Photo gallery view for photos made by users
  • Optional display of latest photos in a PM channel
  • Long press links to open in browser, share by email or add to Safari reading list
  • Fleksy keyboard support
  • Twitter cross posting
  • Improved @ mention completion
  • Improved mark down support
  • Quick sharing of Now Playing and last photo
  • Draw something to add to a post
  • Font size set using iOS Dynamic Type
  • Performance improvements
  • UI updates
Version 1.5.1
  • Improved viewing of Broadcast channels
  • Improved image and video upload speed for all image quality settings, 'medium' is the new normal :) This works as well for images and videos opened using the Open-In feature
  • Fixed a bug where AppStore links in a message did not load the AppStore view
  • Fixed a bug in compose a post with a markdown link. In some situations it could prevent posting
  • PM window showed incorrect username when creating a messages using the create group PM feature
  • Fixed a bug that showed that there are no messages in a channel while actually the most recent message was deleted
  • Removed Stars button from profile view of logged in user and replaced with Blocked users (you can still see your starred posts using the @ menu)
  • Fixed an issue with group PM channels that have more than 8 people in it, caused app to hang
  • Changed look of broadcasted patter messages to global (not to be confused with broadcast channels..)
Version 1.5.0
  • Create group PM channel
  • @ mention completion
  • Multi user support
  • Markdown support for links (tap the character counter to insert a template)
  • Broadcast channel web links open in-app
  • When viewing a channel the top of the screen shows avatars of subscribers to the channel
  • Post as another authorized user
  • Updated UI
  • Enhanced UI for iPad
  • Use Open-in iOS feature to open audio, video and images in Chimp to create a post with it
  • Ohai, Party Line and Broadcast channels are shown in channel list
  • Location improvements when creating posts and messages
  • Search posts and channels
  • Use 2048 characters in messages
  • Added conversation view to the @ menu
  • Verified domain in user profile is clickable
  • Paginated interactions view
  • Swipe from edge to go back on iOS 7
  • Audio recorder shows link to RSS feed, tap it to copy to clipboard
  • Added 'mark as read' option in longpress menu for channels
  • New icon, yay!
Version 1.4.0
  • Added option to do custom check-ins
  • Media preview / manager for attached photos, videos, audio and location
  • Full screen audio records for posts and PMs
  • Added Photo editor with filters and stickers
  • Option to specify language per post / message
  • Added view of post/message you are replying to
  • Great new view for multiple inline images in a post / message
  • Message view now show subscribed users of the channel / room
  • Added the check-in explore view
  • Fixed a crash on startup when using iOS 5
  • Performance improvements
  • Generic bug fixes
Version 1.2.0
  • Performance improvements
  • UI redesign giving a clean interface
  • Login now using password flow instead of web login
  • Improvements for inline video, play youtube in-app, play Climber in-app
  • Location sharing and check-in for posts and messages using Places API
  • Images, videos and audio clips can now be viewed on
  • When recording and posting a video, a thumbnail is now added
  • Tap&hold username brings up create private message
  • Language annotation for posts and messages based on iOS locale setting
  • Logout option
  • Help option
  • When broadcasting from Patter, any embedded media is also broadcasted
  • Broadcast a Patter message after the fact
  • Read/unread indicators for channels
  • Indication of when you are mentioned in a post
  • Setting for hashtag keyboard on/off
  • Setting for in-app push notifications
  • Droplr images are now shown inline
Version 1.1.0
  • Added feature to attach audio clips to posts
  • Added feature to send a private audio message
  • Fixed a bug that prevented correct removal of a post you just deleted
  • UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix for some Patter rooms that did not show the rooms' name
  • Added broadcast for Patter messages
  • Patter links open the room in-app
  • Quoted repost now adds @ name of post's owner
  • Fixed a bug in message list that would prevent loading of the list for some users
  • Fixed profile Bio update layout on refresh
  • Copy link to Patter room to clipboard
  • New setting to show/hide the paging dots on main view
Version 1.0.0
  • Works in Portrait and Landscape modes

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